GSI Notes – Pass It On!

Here are highlights of the July GSI meeting – please pass them on to your meetings!
Opportunity to represent Region 1 Assembly in Calgary September 14-16.   The GSI Chair (Mary L), shares this update about the representative situation for Calgary: 
Delegate #3 (Debi L) has let me know that she is not available to represent GSI in Calgary due to work obligations. Therefore, I submitted Delegate #1 (Debbie F) and Delegate #2 (Cindy) on the Assembly Certificate of Eligibility.  If anyone wants GSI to send more than two representatives (based on our decision Tuesday night to adjust the budget to support three), we would need appoint that person at our August 2nd meeting. Unlike the abstinence and service above the group level requirements for delegates to World Service Business Conference, any OA member, if appointed by GSI, is eligible to serve as a voting representative at the Region 1 assembly.  lf anyone wants to nominate themselves or someone else, please let me know by Friday, July 22nd so that I can allow time on the agenda.  Any questions email”
OA How Spring Retreat 2017:  A retreat chair or co-chairs are still needed before a venue contract is signed and we can move forward with the event.  Contact Jon, 

Region 1 Convention September 16-18, 2016 Calgary, AB.  Greater Seattle Intergroup has been asked to help during the convention (volunteer in the hospitality room, sell raffle tickets, etc).  Plan to go?  Contact to join our service team. 
Region 1 Quilt raffle tickets – here is a link to print raffle tickets so you can make them available at your meetings.  The region 1 quilt is created from quilt squares provided by all intergroups in the Region and is raffled at the convention in Calgary.  Ticket purchasers need not be present to win; this is an important fund raiser for Region 1. 
Meeting Directory: The printed Jan 2017 meeting directory will be available at the Feb 2017 intergroup meeting.  If you want a stack of directories prior to that, email