Service Wanted Ads

Strengthen your program by serving above the group level. Check out these service opportunities available through Greater Seattle Intergroup (GSI). Many specific opportunities are now available as we prepare to host the October 2017 Region 1 Convention–a weekend gathering of 100-200 OA’s from the 5 states and Canadian provinces in Region 1.

Intergroup Literature Committee Chair

  • Committee: Intergroup Literature Committee
  • Frequency: A couple hours of prep per month prior to the monthly GSI meeting. A few more around each literature-supported event.
  • Length: Elected for a 1 year term, Dec-to-Dec. Can serve a maximum of 3 consecutive terms (3 years).
  • Qualifications: Can lift a 20 lb. box of books. Able to conduct an inventory and account for transactions.
  • Responsibilities: Responsible for producing a monthly accounting of literature inventories, revenues, and expenses.
  • Order literature from OA, Inc. website ( or OA literature catalog for distribution to, or purchase by GSI OA meetings. Receive funds from said groups to purchase literature from IG (including shipping fees).
  • Notify IG and membership of changes in literature (new or retired) from World Service.
  • Ensure that there is literature for sale at special events.
  • (Optionally) arrange for the purchase of AA approved literature for sale to GSI OA meetings and special events.
  • Contact: Mary L (
  • Posting Date: October 10, 2016

12th Step Within Committee Chair or Member

  • Committee: 12th Step Within Committee
  • Frequency: Develop and execute plans for 12/12/17 event; develop other activities to carry the message within OA to those who still suffer
  • Qualifications: Some experience with relapse and recovery beneficial; a heart for keeping members engaged and helping those who are suffering within OA
  • Specific Skills: Compassion, open-mindedness, follow-through
  • Details: Review lots of information already provided by OA World Service; try some activities that might work well for people and meetings in Seattle
  • Contact: Sherry T (206-446-0526); Mary L (
  • Posting Date: October 10, 2016

Bylaws Committee

  • Committee: Bylaws committee member or chair
  • Frequency: Monthly check-points October, November; weekly in December, daily in January
  • Length: Monthly GSI meetings to support the chair in leading the meetings; yearly distributing bylaws and procedures for the GSI Annual Business Meeting in November; guiding group discussion of proposals for WSO Convention and Region 1 Convention
  • Qualifications: Love to speak up, educate the group; understanding of group procedures/policies/bylaws
  • Specific Skills: Attention to detail, a love for understanding and following the rules, communicating to the group, educating the group, and distributing the policies, procedures and bylaws; knowledge of OA Twelve Traditions and Robert’s Rules of Order
  • Details:
  • Contact: Kevin ( or Marcha H (206-851-9481)
  • Posting Date: October 10, 2016

Literature Webpage Reviewer

  • Committee: Literature
  • Frequency: 2 hours per week
  • Length: November 2016 – January 2017
  • Qualifications: Reading, emailing, replying promptly
  • Specific Skills: Written communication, desire to carry the OA message
  • Details: Review proposed content for new literature webpage on; provide feedback and suggestions
  • Contact: Carolyn C (
  • Posting Date: October 10, 2016

Intergroup Phone-line Coordinator

  • Committee: GSI 24-Hour Phone-line
  • Frequency: About 4 hours per month if you are organized
  • Length: Serves at will
  • Qualifications: Public service attitude. Ability to work with an external vendor (Phone service provider).
  • Responsibilities: Will answer messages, or route calls, and follow-up to ensure call-backs were conducted.
  • Responsible for knowing the current Phone service provider vendor contact information, and acting as business liaison between GSI and current Phone service provider.
  • Responsible for setup of answer-message, call-routing, access and password management.
  • Responsible (along with Treasurer) for notifying Phone service provider with changes to service subscription. Notification will be via US Mail. This person is not responsible for paying the monthly Phone service provider bill.
  • Responsible for contacting Phone service provider to get periodic statistics on average calls per month.
  • Contact: Mary L (
  • Posting Date: October 10, 2016

Public Information/Professional Outreach Committee Co-Chair

  • Committee: Public Information/Professional Outreach (PI/PO)
  • Frequency: Varies, a couple hours per month; attend GSI meetings monthly
  • Length: One year, renewable
  • Qualifications: Willingness, community contacting, organizing communication with non-program professionals
  • Specific Skills: Team-building, creating campaigns for outreach
  • Details: Co-chairs will work with each other, but each take on one area (PI or PO)
  • Contact: Mary L (
  • Posting Date: October 10, 2016

Program Chair for Convention

  • Committee: Region 1 2017 Convention Special Committee
  • Frequency: 4 hours/month Oct/2016 – May/2017; 6 hours/month June/2017 – Aug/2017; 20 hours Sept/2017; attend Convention Oct/2017
  • Length: October 2016 – October 2017
  • Qualifications: Experience putting together OA event programs, themes, speakers or willingness to take it on
  • Specific Skills: Well-connected with OA fellows on local level; strong familiarity with OA traditions
  • Details: Craft and draft program for October 13-15, 2017 Region 1 Convention to be held in Seattle. Work together with the Convention Committee–you won’t be alone!
  • Contact: Jon O (, or Cindy C (
  • Posting Date: October 10, 2016